A 4 week vacation package program which involves learning the English language and the American culture
while having fun and developing new friends in the USA.

When: July 8, 2008  – August 5, 2008                   Where:  Lake Arrowhead, California, USA

Vacation Package Includes

15 hours of formal instruction per week
(Conducted by
TESL certified instructors)
Meals and lodging
Enjoyable social activities conducive to learning
Day trip to Disneyland
Close supervision and 24-hour emergency telephone number

Additional Features & Services

Trip to Universal Studios, Hollywood, L.A. Science Museum (*), etc.
Ice skating lessons by a Canadian Junior Skating Champion at Ice  
Castle Skating Rink (Made world famous by Michelle Kwan (*)
Piano lessons (*)
Transport to/from LAX (*)

(*) Additional fees may apply
                                             Camp Facility Location

Our guests will be housed at Josephson Retreat House (JRH), a vacation and retreat facility
located in the beautiful mountain resort of Lake Arrowhead, California which is also where the English
Summer Camp will be held.   Situated 5,000 feet above sea level in the San Bernardino mountains, this
resort community is known to be one of the safest places to live in Southern California where residents are
known to leaving their doors unlocked during daytime without any incident.

Conveniently situated less than 2 miles from the camp and approximately 3 minutes by car is the
Mountains Community Hospital in case of any medical emergencies.  Within walking distance is the Tavern
Bay Beach Club, a private beach which is available to our guests for swimming, fishing and boating.  
Across the beach club is the well known UCLA conference center where there are four tennis courts, two
basketball courts and a volleyball court.  Additionally, biking and hiking on scenic trails are among the
many other activities available.

Our Camp Director will be accommodated at the same residence as our guests and will be on hand at all
times to assist them whenever necessary and to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

Additional in-house amenities: Wi-fi access, game room,  laundry facility, vending machine.

Parents/guardians/chaperones  can stay at a nearby lodging at a discount only while their children are
attending camp.
                                             Program Description

A fun, innovative way to learn English in a comfortable, homelike setting as opposed to a school institution,
our primary goal is to equip our guests the ability to communicate effectively in English while vacationing
and making new friends.   Given that our guests have already learned English grammar in school, our
strategy  is to focus more on improving Speech and Comprehension,  Vocabulary, and North American
Accent improvement.

Recommended age group of our attendees:  9 -12 years old.

Participants will be required to take an English Proficiency test in order to determine their skill level.

                                             Program  features

  • Individualized attention in small groups
  • Instruction tailored to meet the needs of young learners
  • Lessons include project work, videos, games and use various modern English language
     teaching resources, in addition to formal language skills training
  • Taught by experienced, highly qualified, TESL certified instructors
  • Immersion in American life and culture
  • Set of organized activities
  • Ideal environment for vacationing,  studying and learning about the American way of life

                                             Program Fee

Program Package Cost:  $4,000 per student

Non-refundable reservation fee:  $500 due by May 16, 2008

To make your reservations please email us at
admin@edajose.com  and request an
English camp application form.

Full payment required 90 days prior to start of program.

Camp Fee refundable (minus $125 processing fee)  if program is cancelled by us due to minimum number
of 8 participants not being met.

Note:  Josephson Retreat House hosts seasonal camp programs and is not a year round school
institution.   As such, our guests do not need an I-20 visa to avail of our program.  We recommend,
however, that they secure their B-1 tourist visas as early as possible to allow ample time for processing

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